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Welcome to Nerd Coalition, we are a group of nerds who have different personalities and a lot of different interests! Put us all together you have one big nerd family that covers EVERYTHING from comics, toys, anime, wrestling, video games, unboxings, reaction videos and so much more! Come have fun with us as we love to have a good time being who we are and what we do best.....BE NERDS!!

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Fat React

Hittin that PLAY button! Come join Mr. A&E and Swaggonzero as we react to the latest Trailers, newest death battles, entertaining super power beat down, the very hard try not to laugh videos and MUCH more. You haven't seen more legit reactions anywhere but here!


Here at the Nerd Coalition we're huge wrestling fans and if you are too then come join Mr. A&E for his weekly wrestling reviews. Catch the weekly recaps of Monday Night Raw, Friday Night Smackdown and the Wednesday Night War between NXT and AEW.


Enjoy gaming? The Nerd Coalition has you covered! Everything from PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, the Nerd Coalition loves Let's Plays and live streams. Look no further for entertaining game play content.


Get your pop culture news, latest movie reviews, and entertaining conversation on the Nerdgasm Talk Podcast.

Run the ropes with us as we talk about the latest in the wrestling world on the No Gimmicks Needed Podcast.

Consider yourself a Hip Hop head? Come guess the sample on Push The Fader and check out the week's topic in The Cypher on Turntables: Hip Hop Culture & Beyond.

For a no holds barred take on current events, our culture and more, check out Drunk Thoughts Sober Tongues.

Mark Makes a Movie

Hey, My name is Mark, Mark Randall III, and I'm an aspiring writer/director. I created a Youtube channel as one-part motivation and one-part documentation.
I'm planning to make a Feature Film this year! That's right, a feature film from creation to completion!
So check me out weekly, and thanks for watching my journey.


Enjoy our outros? Check out our resident CHH rapper Q-Flo's album, War Drum. Click the album to find it on your preferred platform.

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